Facing industrial challenges with you complex STATES OF matter

La control and anticipation of physical behaviors and transformations of states of complex materials, processes and applications related is a central issue of processing industries of material

RHEONIS SAS provides you with a approach and means of Industrial Science combining physical, rheology, mechanics, tribology of complex states of matter,  and above all a unique methodology to meet your technical challenges, from R&D to application.


Private and independent laboratory and center of expertise founded in 2013, RHEONIS supports you with tailor-made services and collaborations of expertise, advice, R&D, measurement, formulation, training for:

Make the industrialization of your new products and processes more reliable
Determine the causes of problems and influencing factors
Optimize processes
Improve your formulations and innovate
Measure physical, rheological, tribological properties of interest
Integrate predictive approaches in R&D
Explore and validate the feasibility of innovative solutions
Sizing special equipment
Develop appropriate Data Science models and approaches
Support the skills development of your teams

The advantages of a unique approach for processing industries

Unique technical-scientific and industrial expertise, put at your service from the analysis of your needs

A methodology and innovative technical methods, built and proven in many industrial contexts

Reactivity, flexibility et Sense of hearing for tailor-made services and collaborations with optimal added value

The strictest policy and viewpoints in all neutrality for pragmatic advice

Research tax credit

Our R&D services can benefit from the Research Tax Credit (subject to the opinion of the administration).

RHEONIS is registered as a continuing education organization in the Datadock repository and certified Qualiopi.