Compact / Tablet

The development of formulas suitable for both compaction and the subsequent application of the compact, whether for its dissolution, such as in pharmaceuticals or hygiene, or for other uses (brush loading in cosmetics, etc.) is a major industrial issue for many sectors.

The current trend to favor so-called dry forms, which is particularly visible in cosmetics, also constitutes a fundamental trend motivated by efforts for more environmentally friendly solutions.

Powder compaction, a sensitive process

The development of formulas suitable for both compaction and subsequent application of the compact poses numerous challenges of choice of ingredients, formulation and industrialization, for which the usual measurements of powder properties are largely insufficient.

pharmaceutical tablet

RHEONIS puts its unique experimental methods at your service to understand, control and model the couplings between influencing factors.

Accompany your challenges related to compacts and tablets and their processes

RHEONIS puts its industrial experience, expertise and unique methods at your service to support you in your challenges related to powder compacts:

Predict the compactibility of your powder formulations

Internalize correlation models

Develop robust scientific instrumental methods to qualify

Evaluate and understand the influencing factors of your formulations

Solve your concrete problems in process

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