Complex fluid

Complex fluids are often called liquids containing macromolecules or colloidal or more complex structures (low-concentrate polymer solutions, biological liquids, micellar water, micro-algae solutions, etc.).

Unlike conventional liquids, these fluids, due to the presence of macromolecules, organelles or others, generally exhibit unique behaviors influencing their processing or application conditions.

The sensitivity of complex fluids

In terms of their rheology, these products often exhibit so-called non-Newtonian fluid behavior, making them particularly sensitive to the conditions of their implementation (see our article Viscosity, Rheology and Confusion).

Depending on the nature of the agents, complex fluids are also likely to exhibit various behaviors: foaming, spinning, degradation, sedimentation, etc.

Accompanying your challenges related to complex fluids

RHEONIS puts at your service its tailor-made approach, its unique expertise and methods and its experience of pasty products of all compositions and their implementation processes for your industrial challenges:

Quantify behaviors and parameters representative of your context of interest

Determine the causes of problems, understand the influencing factors

Model behaviors 

Put at your service or internalize predictive instrumental and experimental methods

Accelerate your formulation developments or innovations

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