Suspension concentrates

Concentrated suspensions (or slurries) are common states of extracted natural materials (drilling mud, treatment mud, etc.), sometimes also of certain industrial preparations (food industry, etc.).

The sensitivity of suspension concentrates

The behavior of concentrated suspensions sometimes poses critical difficulties in the process, due to their tendency to settling/sedimentation, their rheology complex (flow threshold, strong non-Newtonian character, etc.) or other specific behaviors at the interfaces (stickiness, etc.).

mud treatment

Whether anticipating these behaviors for the sizing of installations, the choice of additives or the formulation as a whole, Rheonis puts its original methods at your service.

Accompany your challenges related to concentrated suspensions (slurries)

RHEONIS puts at your service its tailor-made approach, its expertise and unique methods for questions of physical behavior of concentrated suspensions:

Characterize the physical behavior of your suspension concentrates

Sizing or optimizing processes de pumping, mixed or others

Evaluate the influence of additives

Transfer appropriate instrumental methods and train your teams

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