Continuing Education – Support

Training in rheometry and other techniques – Internalization of methods – Expert support

The challenges related to the physical and dynamic behaviors of states of complex materials are most often identified by essentially empirical, resource-intensive approaches.

We support you in advancing your R&D skills through our free webinarsAtelier des Méthodes, our tailor-made training Asked behavioral instrumental techniques, Industrial R&D methods and tools, by theinternalization of methods or a expert support.

RHEONIS, tailor-made at the service of processing industries

Our team of specialists is at your disposal to analyze your needs and specify the contributions of a collaboration

Continuing education in R&D through rheometry and other techniques

We advise you how to use intra-company training in Industrial R&D through the rheometry and other behavioral instrumental techniques (viscometry, texturometry, RPA, DMA). These training courses are adapted to the types of products, processes and applications that concern you and relate to questions of measurement, as needed, those of setting up protocols, interpreting curves, analyzing data, etc.

RHEONIS benefits from QUALIOPI accreditation for its continuing education.

Internalization of methods

Industrial methods, strongly oriented by standards, encounter many limitations.

We accompany you in theinternalization of instrumental predictive methods, on commercial equipment or ad hoc prototypes, or physical data processing methods (modeling, statistical analysis, machine learning, etc.).

Skills development support

We are able to support you more generally in increasing the skills of your organization on the issues of dynamic physical behavior, which do not only concern R&D but also services related to industrialization, production, application, quality control, new works.

We put at your service an innovative methodology to make theinventory your technical issues in connection with the organization of your R&D/industrialization/production processes, the inventory of your resources and skills, their strengths and limitations, for identify areas for improvement in develop an incremental strategy skills development and to implement it.

Atelier des Méthodes

As part of our Video Methods Workshops, we offer free webinars to raise your awareness of the various issues associated with the technical challenges of complex states of matter and to share our feedback and our approaches.

The main advantages of a unique approach for the industry

Tailor-made services adjusted following a questionnaire and needs assessment interview


Practical training dedicated to the specificities of your products and issues


Training provided by the technical director and co-founder of RHEONIS, Dr. Nicolas Mougin, a versatile expert with nearly 15 years of experience


Integration into a skills development strategy geared towards inter-departmental mastery