Case study – Development of an R&D method for quantifying the alteration of the viability of micro-algae under shear and thermal conditions

Sector: Biobased

Type of client: Start-up

Service contact: R&D

The Customer wishes to size its industrial facilities for the treatment of micro-algae. Given the high sensitivity of the viability of micro-algae to process conditions, in particular shear, he called on RHEONIS to help him quantify more precisely the critical conditions for his products.

Rheometry coupled with spectroscopy

To meet the Customer's needs, RHEONIS has implemented its design and experimental development skills as well as its expertise in rheometry and physical measurement techniques.

The stages of the study consisted of different stages:

  1. Bibliographic study of the thermo-mechanical degradation conditions of micro-algae and identification of degradation monitoring methods
  2. Design and development of an experimental system to couple rheometry and spectroscopy
  3. Preliminary tests on one strain and adjustment of the method on another strain
Micro-algae spectro rheometry set-up

Quantify the lytic thermomechanical conditions of microalgae to size installations

This R&D study was an opportunity to develop an original experimental system coupling rheometry and spectroscopy to monitor the response of different strains of microalgae to controlled thermomechanical conditions. It is then possible to precisely quantify the limits, in particular of shear, from which the viability of the micro-algae is altered.

The development of behavioral instrumental techniques for microalgae

Low amount of microalgae

Fine quantification of strain viability degradation conditions

Quick approach allowing to explore the optimal thermomechanical conditions

Conclusions and operational recommendations

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