Emulsions are common in many industries, including cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical or specialty sectors. There are various types of emulsion (W/O, O/W, O/W/O) in more or less complex formulations, gelled, etc.

The sensitivity of emulsions

Depending on the targeted functionality, emulsions pose different questions of physical behavior (rheology, texture, sticky or stringy effects, tribology, processability, stability, application behavior, etc.), with sometimes critical implications in R&D, industrialization, production or application. Likewise, textural innovation benefits from better control of these sometimes insufficiently quantified properties.

Thus, RHEONIS techniques for quantifying physical behavior properties adapted to implementation issues open up ways of making developments, industrialization and also innovation more reliable.

Supporting your challenges related to emulsions

RHEONIS puts at your service its tailor-made approach, its unique expertise and methods and its experience of emulsions and their implementation processes for your industrial challenges:

Set up and transfer to you advanced instrumental protocols for texture analysis 

Anticipate industrialization through our instrumented emulsification micro-pilot techniques

Help you optimize reformulation, choice of ingredients or your formulation innovations

Sizing of installations, in particular mixers, stirring mobiles, pumps, pipes

Determine the causes of problems and solve them

Optimize processes

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Last Updated on September 6, 2022 by Vincent Billot