Gels & Gelling agents

Gelled products are common in many industries (agrifood, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, but also specialty industrial sectors such as lubricants and greases).

Gelling agents, such as xanthan, alginate, guar, pectin, carob, are sometimes also used as simple thickeners or viscosifiers.

Control the sensitivity of gels

The texture or stability of the finished product, the variability of batches of gelling agents or the influence of process parameters on the gelling or rheology of the product are important industrial issues, for which current methods present serious limitations.

Indeed, it is crucial to control both the formulation of the finished product, the manufacturing process and the final application to identify and understand the factors altering the gelling mechanism.

RHEONIS puts its experience of gelling agents (xanthan, alginate, pectin, guar, etc.), its innovative rheometer methods and pragmatic study approaches at your service to help you meet your challenges, from R&D to application.


Tailor-made services for your gelling agents and gelled products

Make your formulations and industrial processes more reliable

Evaluate the comparative performance of candidate ingredients

Solve problems

Integrate instrumental methods

Innovate with gel formulations


Develop innovative processes

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