Granulation of powders

Le process of granulation powders qualifies two types of operations depending on the sector:

  1. the modification of the collective state of a powder, generally by agglomeration under the effect of a binder (wet granulation), in order to improve the processability of the material, to reduce the presence of fines or to modify the reactivity of the powder to its environment.
  2. The formation of granules from a raw material in powder or not, by compression in suitable thermomechanical processes (extruder, roller)

Adjusting a powder granulation process, a subtle approach

The adjustment of a granulation process is completely empirical, relying essentially on the know-how of the operators. Unfortunately, the operation is most often particularly tedious, consuming large quantities of materials for trial and error without guarantee of success.

RHEONIS' innovative approaches to instrumented micro-pilot offer a scientific alternative with high added value, economical and fast to study and identify the appropriate granulation conditions and parameters.

Supporting your granulation challenges

RHEONIS has developed unique instrumental and modeling methods to support you in your granulation challenges:

Investigate instrumentally the influence of the choice of binder on the wet granulation process

Qualify the gains in processability of your powders

Study the mechanical conditions of granulation and determine the optimal conditions

Optimize the formulation and understand the contributions of the different factors on process behavior

Bring you our expertise in support of your operational procedures

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