Industrial Council

Problem solving – Continuous improvement – ​​Industrialization – Methods

Faced with your challenges related to the states of complex materials in your processes and applications, we put at your service a unique methodology, scientific and systemic, pragmatic and with high added value.

Thanks to our industrial phenomenology and our various techniques resulting from Industrial R&D, we help you to solve your problems, improve the existing one, anticipate industrialization and advance your technical organization.

RHEONIS, tailor-made at the service of processing industries

Our team of specialists is at your disposal to analyze your needs and specify the contributions of a collaboration

On-site diagnostics

For diffuse or particularly complex problems, the specific diagnosis of your technical environment, on site, is often a key step to guide all the steps.

From the targeted inspection of a unit step in operation to the 360° analysis of your materials-means-methods-organization, coupled or not with experimental investigations, bibliographical or complementary analysis, our on-site diagnostics allow us to provide an external expert view of your context, to establish technical avenues for testing or study and concrete recommendations.

Technical & methodological decision support

In anticipation of industrialization, problem solving and continuous improvement, we support you to optimize your use of your existing means or for make your decisions about your future resources more reliable.

In optimization of the existing, we bring you a critical look and our methods to study and define optima adapted to your context. In making decisions more reliable, we help you identify and source technical options of interest, assess their strengths/weaknesses in principle and concrete performance and bring you elements of interest for your consultations.

We also provide methodological and organizational recommendations.

Analysis of industrial data & technical-scientific studies

Our Industrial Consulting approach is both technical, scientific and methodological. It is likely to be based both on your data and our own industrial R&D analysis and study approaches.

The advanced analysis of your industrial data using Data Science methods is one of the ways to investigate the correlations between influencing factors and the possible causes of your problem. Characterizations, experimental studies or specific modeling are sometimes necessary to quantify and determine the improvement factors.

Technical support

Following our technical recommendations, our team remains at your side for an optimal implementation. Of occasional on-site technical support for specific tests with medium-term follow-up to provide you with our advice according to the evolution of your needs, our expertise remains at your disposal to make your actions more reliable.

The main advantages of a unique approach for the industry

A technical, scientific, systemic and pragmatic analysis of your technical contexts and methods

Concrete recommendations adapted to your possible levers of action

Cross-functional experience of the practices, issues and methods of processing industries of materials

Tailor-made services covering issues from R&D to application