Industrial R&D

Characterization – R&D studies – Predictive methods – Formulation – Data Science

The physical and dynamic behavior of materials and formulations is a core issue in most industrial sectors, from R&D toapplication.

We put at your service unique methods and means of characterization of dynamic physical behaviors states of complex materials,R&D study of material/process/application couplings, development of predictive methods, physical formulation and data science to improve your control.

RHEONIS, tailor-made at the service of processing industries

Our team of specialists is at your disposal to analyze your needs and specify the contributions of a collaboration

Dynamic physical characterization

We characterize the parameters and properties adapted to your problems of physical behavior in process or in application of your products (powder, gel, emulsion, wax, resin, movie,…).

Whether it concerns rheological, physical, tribological, physico-chemical or semi-empirical properties, we put into action a unique methodological approach to needs analysis to ensure we measure reliable descriptors your context, even if it means offering to work on the development of predictive methods.

Our characterizations are accompanied by a explicit interpretation with regard to your problem.

Product/process/application R&D study

The difficulties caused by the dynamic couplings between materials and conditions of implementation are most often dealt with by essentially empirical approaches.

We put at your service our innovative methodology of Industrial Science physical couplings combining the formulation, phenomenological study plans, an original use of the rheometry for experimentally simulate specific processes and applications, ad hoc experimental techniques, conventional means of measurement and the exploitation of data by data science.

We are thus able to study the optimal configurations formulation with constant process, process or application with constant formulation, the product/process or product/application couple and the variability induced by various environmental factors.

Development of predictive methods

Many industrial issues require instrumental protocols and following the best practices for quantify parameter-descriptors, the only ones capable of predicting the behavior of materials in real conditions in the laboratory.

We develop predictive instrumental methods adapted to your problems, which we are able to transfer to you by internalization and training of your teams.

physical form

The physical formulation makes it possible to give the products properties that are relevant to their behavior at the mesoscopic and macroscopic scale (texture, tack, degradability, mechanical resistance, etc.).

We support you for improve your formulations or develop new ones thanks to our methodology combining phenomenological experimental design and predictive methods.

This saves you valuable time to reduce your time to market or develop innovative features.

Data Science

Some issues benefit from being tackled by analyzing available industrial data or within the framework of campaigns for the production of large quantities of data.

We provide you with advanced Data Science approaches to build datasets exploitable and adapted, extract correlations, identify problem descriptors and causes, develop phenomenological models and thus make both the production of data and their use more reliable.

The main advantages of a unique approach for the industry

A tailor-made Industrial Science approach based on your problem to build the appropriate approach


Unique means and methods to characterize or study the physical and dynamic couplings between materials and conditions of implementation


Cross-functional experience of the practices, issues and methods of processing industries of materials


Tailor-made services covering issues from R&D to application