Liquid foams

Liquid foam is a state of industrial materials in cosmetic or hygiene products, but also sometimes a more or less undesirable state appearing in mixing tanks, dosing machines or other injectors.

Today, the underlying trend in solid cosmetics is fueling a need to better control the formation of liquid foams.

The sensitivity of mosses

The formation of liquid foams is not only dependent on the ingredients, in particular surfactants, but also crucially on the conditions of incorporation of the air.

On these questions, faced with current industrial practices that are essentially empirical, RHEONIS' techniques make it possible to quantify the product/process coupling but also the texture and behavior of the foam.

Brewery industrial process

Supporting your liquid foam challenges

RHEONIS offers you a tailor-made approach, unique experimental techniques and methods and its experience of liquid foams to support you in your challenges:

Quantify the phenomenon of foaming (ingredient or formula) according to influencing factors at the material and process levels

Quantify the texture of the foam, its mechanical behavior and its aging

Evaluate the comparative performance of surfactants and other additives

Study process improvements

Guide the choice of equipment on an industrial scale

Determine operational solutions to parasitic foaming

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Last Updated on September 6, 2022 by Vincent Billot