Microcapsule / Microsphere

Microcapsules and microspheres present various interests for industries, encapsulation often being intended to solubilize, protect, transport assets or molecules of particular interest.

Often made up of hydrocolloids (alginate, xanthan, etc.), the microcapsules, their formulation, their manufacture and their application pose different physical behavioral questions.

The sensitivity of microcapsules and microspheres

Different processes (extrusion, atomization, drop by drop, emulsion inverse) make it possible to explore the options for manufacturing microcapsules of suitable size, capable of encapsulating the molecules of interest, of presenting a behavior adapted to degradation and, if necessary, certain specific properties for the release.

RHEONIS experimental methods allow you to work on both the formulation and processing aspects of your microcapsules.

Accompanying your challenges related to microcapsules

RHEONIS puts at your service its tailor-made approach and its unique methods for microcapsules for your industrial challenges:

Develop adapted formulations according to technical and economic constraints

Improve processes 

Manufacture small quantities of microcapsules of suitable size

Make sure of their behavioral properties

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