Ingredients for manufacturers of consumer products (cosmetics, agri-food, pharmaceuticals, etc.), finished products for the extractive and primary processing industries, powders constitute one of the main physical states of industrial materials.

Although widely used in all sectors, the behavior of powders still poses many operational difficulties, from R&D toapplication, for which the usual methods (particle size, flowability, Carr/Hausner index, etc.) prove to be limited.

The physics and rheology of powders at the heart of industrial problems

The physical and rheological behavior of powders are highly dependent on mechanical and environmental conditions and most industry players regularly complain of blockage problems in silos or pipes, phenomena of caking, crusting or solidification in big bags, variability in transformation processes (granulation, compression, etc.),…

Depending on their nature (metallic, mineral, organic, synthetic) and their conditions of implementation, the difficulties encountered reflect various phenomena, but the common factor of which is that they are generally treated industrially by the often tedious way of testing- mistake.

Faced with these challenges, RHEONIS offers you its tailor-made approach, its expertise and unique methods for powders and their processes.

big bag powders

Tailor-made services for your powders

Size the installations, in particular the corners of the silo and determine the appropriate equipment

Determine the causes of problems, understand the influencing factors

Put at your service or internalize predictive instrumental and experimental methods

Measure physical properties and rheology of your powders

Accelerate your formulation developments or innovations

Anticipate industrialization 

Study implementation processes using predictive experimental methods

Boost your innovation

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