The use of pumps is systematic when it comes to conveying material in the pipeline. Depending on the nature of the product and the target flow rates, various pump technologies are available: volumetric pumps (with lobes, eccentric rotor), diaphragm, rotary, peristaltic, pigtail, etc.

The choice of a pump, a crucial technical issue

Sizing your needs according to the product(s) to be conveyed makes it possible to adjust the choice of pump and thus the budget. For this, reliable data on the rheological behavior of the products are necessary.

Accompany your challenges related to the pumping of your products

RHEONIS has developed unique instrumental and modeling methods to support you in your extrusion challenges:

Quantifying common rheological properties in rheometry (flow curves) or more specific (thixotropy, destructuring, etc.) depending on the nature of your products

Study in controlled conditions the phenomena likely to appear

Develop specific models 

Optimize formulation

Bring you our expertise and neutrality on the strengths/weaknesses of the different pump technologies

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Last Updated on September 21, 2022 by Vincent Billot