Many dermo-cosmetic or pharmaceutical products are applied to or in the skin, with various aims. Whether for the formulation of products, the design of application devices or the understanding of interactions, physical properties at the macroscopic scale (mechanical, rheological, tribological, etc.) play a sometimes crucial and often underestimated role.

Mastering the product/application/skin triptych

The interaction between a product and the skin brings into play not only these two factors but also the conditions of implementation of the product, which constitutes an important source of variability in the sensory analyses.

Hyaluronic acid injection

RHEONIS' advanced instrumented approaches complement your usual analyzes to provide you with the physical dimension of your understanding of the interactions of products with the skin.

Accompanying your skin-related challenges

RHEONIS puts at your service its tailor-made approach, its unique methods for your industrial challenges related to the physics of the skin:

Quantify behaviors and parameters representative of your context of interest

Develop innovative and tailor-made experimental techniques

Study and understand from the angle of physical properties the interaction between your products and the skin

Sizing and designing skin-related sensors and application devices

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