Special Engineering - Innovation

Ideation – Feasibility – Design – Sizing – Prototyping

For your innovation or special engineering projects for processes, experimental systems orapplication, we put at your service our expertise in couplings between materials and conditions of implementation.

Thanks to our methodology, our study, design and prototyping capabilities, we support you in your developments to make the technical stages more reliable and speed up, from feasibility to prototyping.

RHEONIS, tailor-made at the service of processing industries

Our team of specialists is at your disposal to analyze your needs and specify the contributions of a collaboration

Needs analysis & Feasibility

Our unique methodology ofphenomenological functional analysis allows us to translate your need and your objectives into a problem explicitly involving the treatments and transformations carried out and undergone by the materials.

The analysis of the state of the art and our expertise allow us to determine the phenomenological locks, study tracks and possible technical options, with their advantages and disadvantages, thus allowing you to make your technical strategy more reliable and to save precious time for the future.

Prototyping/development of experimental systems and devices

For development projects of experimental systems (in particular modules adaptable to behavioral instrumentation such as rheometer) and innovative devices, feasibility and prototyping are generally intricate stages.

We provide you with an Agile-type technical approach: thanks to our 3D printing resources and our electromechanical workshop, we rapidly design iterative versions of devices, that we we test, thanks to our laboratory and experimental means, with regard to the material aspects, whether existing products or formulating variants.

All of these approaches are based on our original Industrial R&D methods.

Design/dimensioning or revamping of special processes

For the dimensioning of new special processes or their improvements, we are likely to resort to two approaches.

In the first, it is combine the characterization of the properties of interest and to model the process in a simplified way, in order to extract estimates of the parameters of interest according to the process (flow/pressure, kinetics, efforts/constraints, geometries, etc.). This approach is particularly suitable for flow processes (pumping, transportation in piping, dosage, extrusion, ...)

In the second we experimentally simulate the process of interest (particularly through our approach to instrumented micro-pilot) and conduct R&D studies in variation of parameters to determine the optimal conditions. This approach is preferred for processes involving changes of state (granulation, emulsification, bonding, etc.).

The main advantages of a unique approach for the industry

A unique approach that takes into account from the outset and in a scientific way the couplings between materials and conditions of implementation

The creativity and experience of a team of specialists at your service

Unique means of study, sizing and prototyping

Tailor-made collaborations with possible transfer of intellectual property rights or co-development