Industrial technical-scientific day

Mastering the Physical Behaviors of Pharmaceuticals

Fluids – Pastes – Gels – Powders

October 20th, 2022



€120 excl. tax/part.

(Lunch included)

Please note, limited number of places

Rheonis, Anton Paar France et Fisher Scientific are delighted to welcome you next Thursday, October 20 in Grenoble for Atelier des Méthodes dedicated to the physical behaviors of pharmaceutical products powders, liquids or visco-elastics and to useful measurement approaches for their control.

During this technical day alternating presentations, workshops and discussions, you will have the opportunity to better understand the challenges of the physical behavior of the main galenics (fluids, pastes, gels, powders, compacts, etc.), from R&D to application, and to discover or deepen your understanding of physical measurement techniques (viscosimetry, rheometry, particle size, BET, etc.), their strengths and limitations.

Today's program


Welcome of participants




The physical behavior of galenics, from ingredient to finished product, and the challenges of measurement


Coffee Break


Measuring the behavior of fluids & pastes: viscometer or rheometer?


Practical Workshops: Viscosimetry / Conventional rheometry / Micro-pilot instrumented on a rheometer




Gelling agents & Gels: behavioral issues, variability, instrumental quantifications


Powder physics: industrial issues, influencing factors and instrumental quantifications


Practical Workshops: Rheometry of powders in shear-cell / Granulometry-BET / Instrumented micro-pilot on powder rheometer


Free discussions and end of the day

Animation of the day

The animation of the day will be ensured jointly by Rheonis and Anton Paar France, each actor bringing his specific contributions.

  • Dr. Nicolas Mougin, co-founding technical director of RHEONIS
  • Dr. Vincent Billot-Ridet, CEO and co-founder of RHEONIS
  • Bertrand Rivoire, regional manager Anton Paar France
  • David Duval, regional manager Anton Paar France
  • Dr. Ronan Behling, Regional Manager Anton Paar France

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