Rheonis offers intra and inter-company training dedicated to dynamic physical behaviors of materials and complex products in an industrial context, to technical difficulties and problems and to instrumental, experimental and scientific techniques for their study and mastery. Among these techniques, the rheometry occupies a privileged place, because of its power and its richness but also the complexities of its optimal use.

Mainly oriented towards R&D professions, our training courses are also adapted to other technical professions (industrialization, production, application, quality, methods, design, etc.).

Level of satisfaction 2022*: 4.7/5

La pace and variety of teaching methods is VERY GOOD pour 85% * some participants

La content quality is VERY GOOD pour 69% * some participants

La clarity of explanations is VERY GOOD pour 85% * some participants

La quality of exchanges is VERY GOOD pour 77% * some participants

Objectives " absolutely " reached for 70% * of participants (“More than expected” for more than 20%*)

* 2022 data for intra and inter-company training

Inter-company training

Rheonis offers inter-company training for discover, practice and deepen the methodological, technical and scientific approaches dedicated to the mastery of phenomena related to the industrial transformations of matter.

Whatever your sector of activity and your technical profession (R&D, industrialization, production, application, quality, methods, design, etc.), our inter-company training courses will provide you with the keys to analysis and understanding, methods and techniques for progress in your practices and advance your organization.

  • Become familiar with the industrial behaviors of complex states of matter
  • Deepen certain complex states of matter: focus on the powders, focus on Resins
  • Exploiting the potential of the rheometer in Industrial R&D

Intra-company training

Since 2013, Rheonis has been providing intra-company training throughout France around rheometric practice, experimental approaches for the physical behaviors and industrial transformations of complex materials (powders, non-Newtonian fluids, pasty, phase transition products, semi-solids, etc.) and the improvement of R&D approaches.

We discuss with participants from various industrial sectors:

  • the scientific principles associated with the thermomechanical behavior of materials in process and application (physics, physico-chemistry, rheology, mechanics of complex fluids, mechanical,…)
  • the operating principles of behavioral instrumentation (rheometry, viscometry, texturometry, etc.), the configuration of standard protocols and the development of specific protocols depending on the issues
  • study approaches and data exploitation (interpretation, modelling, statistical processing, etc.) to extract useful information and knowledge to improve formulation, industrialization, production or application approaches
  • the challenges and advantages of an optimized organization of R&D approaches

A unique approach to rheometry and experimental approaches

Much more than simple training in rheometry or rheology, our training courses aim to share the links between concrete industrial issues and experimental approaches in order to study their influencing factors, understand their dynamics and thus develop R&D approaches. custom made.

Over the years, we have enriched our training with methods, knowledge and know-how developed as part of our service and collaborative R&D activity. (see our Methods).

Tailor-made in-company training

Our training courses thus offer a multi-factorial approach adapted to your specific contexts, to the type of participants, their missions, their equipment, their practices and their constraints.

  • A precise assessment of needs and expectations prior to the concerted implementation of the detailed training program
  • Training accessible to beginners and experienced users alike
  • Training of one to three days, articulated around a conceptual part and a practical part in front of the instrumentation and with the Customer products
  • Active teaching methods, with video-projection presentations, quizzes, free discussions
  • Entry and exit assessment methods
  • Possible adaptations in the event of a disability

Do you want to organize an intra-company training?

Pedagogical, administrative and disability referent: Dr. Vincent Billot-Ridet

Trainer: Dr. Nicolas Mougin

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RHEONIS is registered as a training organization under number 82 38 05778 38 with the prefect of the Rhône-Alpes region.

RHEONIS has been Qualiopi certified for its continuing education activity since September 2021.

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