Transport – Transfer – Conveying

The transport through pipelines of ingredients in a liquid, powder or other state is essential in the vast majority of industries, whether over long distances such as in the energy sectors or over distances of a factory or in the heart of a process particular. But it is not without occasional difficulties.

Stopping production due to a blockage is a problematic event, as are difficulties in industrialization due to the unsuitability of installations to the specificities of a new product.

Understand product/process interactions to ensure efficient conveying

For most products, transport in pipelines involves essentially rheological considerations. The flow curve is the main tool for quantifying the response of products to the shear range of interest, as well as the temperature effect, and possibly determining flow thresholds.

It may be judicious and for certain conditions essential to determine the transient responses of the products -to shear (thixotropy) or to thermal variations-, or even the effects of destructuring or degradation or other physical phenomena at the interfaces ( slippage, stickiness) likely to have a strong influence on the flow.

factory driving

The dimensioning or the optimization of the processes also requires the establishment of models to determine the influence of the geometric parameters on the flow rates/pressure.

Accompany your challenges related to the transport, transfer, conveying in pipes of your products

RHEONIS puts its expertise, its instrumental and modeling methods at your service to support you in your challenges related to the transport of your products:

Understand the causes of blocking problems or pumping and determine the solutions adapted to your context

Dimension the adaptations of your process for your new products or flow optimization

Study the comparative effectiveness of additives or formulation adjustments

Bring you our expertise in support of your operational procedures

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