Waxes & waxy products

Although used for a long time for very many applications (candles, lip balms, depilatory waxes, care products, lubricants, ski wax, etc. -see the wikipedia article), waxes and their use in complex formulas are still industrial challenges.

Indeed, waxes having the particularity of passing from a solid phase to a phase of the type complex fluid (sometimes presenting polymorphisms) depending on the temperature, which give the formulations properties of texture and thermal behavior that must be finely controlled to guarantee reliable processing and appropriate properties of the finished product.

The sensitivity of waxy products

In practice, the manufacture of products containing waxes often raises questions of homogeneity of setting and/or mechanical strength. The usual tests, carried out on the finished product, are often applicative, and no information is accessible on the influence of the process conditions on the final state.

Thus, the approaches to formulation, industrialization or problem solving in production are essentially based on the experience of the teams and the often unsatisfactory trial-and-error approaches.

Accompanying your challenges related to waxes and waxy products

RHEONIS puts at your service its tailor-made approach, its unique expertise and methods and its expertise in the physical behavior and transformations of waxes and waxy products to support you in your challenges, from R&D to application:

Determine the optimal thermomechanical process conditions

Understand the causes of problems and variability and implement pragmatic solutions

Evaluate candidate ingredients and rationalize/optimize the formulation

Anticipate industrialization

Develop and internalize predictive instrumental tests

Train your teams

Supporting your innovation initiatives

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