2023 Webinars

Cycle “Behavioral R&D on rheometer (and other) in practice”

The experimental approaches of Behavioral R&D on rheometer offer industrial organizations the ability to scientifically study at the laboratory scale the couplings between materials, products and process conditions andapplication. R&D and partner services thus acquire new capacities for anticipating the stages of industrialization, production or application, but also in capacity for understanding, sizing, reducing variability, problem solving

In this new 2023 series of free webinars aimed at operational actors and R&D managers in processing industries of matter, we present the principles and contributions of these proven innovative approaches, on concrete examples.


Granulation in a micro-pilot instrumented on a rheometer

It is common practice in many industries to pelletize powders, aiming among other things to increase their particle size, reduce fines, homogenize a mixed powder or improve flow behavior.

In this webinar, we will present the different granulation pathways, the underlying physical principles and mechanisms and introduce our innovative approach to granulation by instrumented micro-pilot on rheometer. We will discuss in particular the interest of the approach for testing binders, defining process conditions, with limited material consumption.

Thursday May 25, 2023



Agitation and mixing in a micro-pilot instrumented on a rheometer

Anticipation in R&D of the industrial conditions for mixing complex formulas is often limited, often consisting at best of conducting empirical tests in pilot installations that are greedy in terms of materials and implementation time.

In this webinar, we present our approach for studying agitation/mixing in a micro-pilot instrumented on a rheometer, allowing both to test various process conditions (mobiles, speeds, etc.) and to monitor the evolution in real time. of the product (pasty, emulsion,…), particularly in contexts of successive incorporation of ingredients.

Thursday June 22 2023



Dynamic physical behavior of powders on rheometer

Most of the instrumental methods for powders only provide information on static states, often making it impossible to interpret and understand concrete problem phenomena (hopper blockage, flowability problem, caking, etc.).

In this webinar, we present some techniques of rheometry powders, allowing access to quantifications of dynamic physical behaviors. We will show the concrete contributions for concrete industrial problems of mineral, organic powders, polysaccharides,…

Thursday September 21 2023



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