Accompanying our customers in their industrial challenges means above all being able to adapt to various contexts and problems in order to provide expertise, leads and answers “every time”.

The heart of our services? The physical behavior of materials, products and materials in complex states (between liquid, solid and gas). And everything that composes them, conditions them, applies them, quantifies them: the processes, ingredients, formulations, instrumentation, devices, data, equipment, skills, models, standards, industrial methods.

Whether you are a manufacturer of ingredients, semi-finished or finished products, equipment manufacturers, engineering companies or consultants, start-ups, SMEs or large groups, RHEONIS puts more than 10 years of experience in demanding industrial issues at your service. and unique methods refined over the collaborations.

Wondering if RHEONIS can help you with your challenges? The most effective way is to contact us: an exchange will be enough to give you a clear idea and to outline ways of collaboration.

Can't find your sector on this page? On the one hand, the list is not exhaustive; on the other hand, it is not excluded that we have worked on substances, processes, phenomena or issues similar or close to yours. Same advice: contact us, an exchange does not cost more than a little time.