Enforce your R&D and boost your innovations

Mastering cross-influences of matter, process and application conditions is a key advantage for improving product development.

RHEONIS helps you avoiding the limits of usual trail-and-fail issues thanks to its unique approach, based on modern technics and methods of applied research of physical behaviour and transformations of powder, non-newtonian fluid, paste, gel, resin, emulsion, slurry, soft material,…

From the control to the mastery of your products and ingredients behaviour and transformations.

Improve your products, reduce your development cycles, open new paths for innovation

Anticipate processing and application, optimise process/product, develop innovative equipments and processes

Measure specific properties, internalise predictive methods, improve your skills

Take advantage of scientific methods adapted for industry, modernise your problem solving and continuous improvement approaches

Our team of specialists is here to analyse your need and study the way to provide service adapted to your context, your aims and your constraints.