Case study – Optimising liquid micro-emulsion formulation

Industry: Animal nutrition

Client size : SME

Service : R&D

The Client wishes to improve transparency and stability of its micro-emulsion. RHEONIS is asked to determine an optimal formulation and optimised process conditions limiting the use of emulsionners.

Formulation and emulsion science

In this study, RHEONIS provided its emulsion formulation know-how and its techniques for quantifying and optimising processing and final properties (transparency, rheology, stability,…).

In this context, following actions were taken :

  1. Analysis of reference product and instrumental techniques adjustement
  2. “Flash” Bibliography study on micro-emulsion and emulsionners
  3. Formulation  and micro-emulsion preparation, properties measurement and optimisation
  4. Reporting and debriefing

Improving micro-emulsion transparency

A scientific approach, doubled with adapted technical means is a key advantage for quickly improving reference formula with a strong reduction of emulsionner quantity htnaks to an adequate choice.

Stability study and emulsion granulometry are final product key properties and complementary study of thermomechanical conditions lead to improved processing conditions.

Improve formulation for reducing production costs and improving product marketing

Expertise of physical and physico-chemical phenomena associated with emulsionning

Technical means for study and optimisation of product/process

The ability to identify and source appropriate candidate ingredients

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