Case study – R&D testbed development for pencil ink drying

Sector : Material for writing

Type : Group

Department : R&I

The Client wants to improve its R&D testbeds for ink drying and requires Rheonis to identify and evaluate appropriate techniques, then to design, develop and install a dedicated testbed.

Collaborative project between applied research and instrumentation engineering

In this step-by-step project, main milestones were to orient the choice of technical options, evaluate them and reduce risks by experimental approaches in order to warrant the development of an optimal testbed.

Following actions have been performed :

  1. Scientific and technical state of the art, regarding impregnation, ink drying and measurement techniques
  2. R&D study on physical and rheological behaviour of inks and ink/paper interaction
  3. Functionnal analysis and evaluation of technical options
  4. Sensors sourcing and evaluation
  5. Estimation of the cost for test-bed development
  6. Design / Development
  7. Software routines development and installation guide
  8. Testbed validation on client inks
  9. Installation on client site and support/training

Systemic action gauge

Produit & Ingrédient 1%
Process & Application 80%
Mesure & Instrumentation 80%
Méthodes pour l'Industrie 80%

Scientific expertise for liabilising instrumental developments


Our taylor-made approach is designed for both broadening the spectrum of technical options and reduce risks. State of the art, experimental studies, functionnal analysis lead to a clear and large view of what can be done. Best options can be sourced and evaluated then before converging toward a technical statement of work for the final tesbed, which is eventually installed on Client’s site and collaborators are trained.

Collaborate for the development of taylor-made R&D testbed

Identify and evaluation technical options thanks to scientific, technical and functionnal analysis

Progressive risk reduction through collaborative step-by-step approach

Choice between existing and innovative solutions

On-site installation and training

For any question regarding your testbed projects, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to discuss the subject with you.

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