Case study – Scientific problem solving for powder vacuum pump

Industry : Industrial equipment

Type: Group

Department : R&D

The client faces damages in use of its powder vacuum pumps and search for a better understanding of powder abrasive phenomena in order to improve pump design.


Combining pump and powders understanding

In this context, our combined knowledges of pumps, powders and behaviour techniques were actionned.

Main steps of the study were the following:

  1. On site visit of the disassembly of a damaged pump
  2. Analysis of various pump designs and technico-scientific expertise of the possible sources of issues
  3. R&D study of powders behaviour and rheology through characteristic parameters (flowing, compressibility, adhesion, wall friction) with respect to thermal conditions
  4. Complementary measurement of granulometry and MEB images
  5. Interpretation and recommendations for the improvement of pump design

Systemic action gauge

Produit & Ingrédient 20%
Process & Application 60%
Mesure & Instrumentation 60%
Méthodes pour l'Industrie 20%

Understanding powders physical behaviour for optimising equipments

Thanks to a combined analysis of (1) the physical phenomena occurring in vacuum pump and (2) the objective behaviour of powders in conditions representing their use, it is possible to provide concrete recommendations for problem solving through design optimisation.

Physical behaviour of powders as a key information

Data representing concrete phenomena

Interpretation of influencing factors and causes of problems

Operational recommendations

Possibility to anticipate end-users powders behavior in laboratory conditions

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